Using Information & Technology to Make Better Decisions

Our ability to execute our services at a high level relies heavily on innovative technology and adept data management. Nearly all questions can be answered using data. EC provides data management, software development, and other technology solutions. Our technology group combines a wide range of project experience with disciplines of data management, software development, and rapid response to deliver value to our clients. In addition, we maintain a set of methodologies, processes, architectures, and technologies that transform data into meaningful information used to enable more effective operational insights.

We work to provide data that is clearly communicated, actionable, and accurate. From our experience designing data collection systems to our certified visualization specialists, our turn-key data solutions provide everything you need for project success. EC’s experience includes:

  • Automated Personnel Monitoring Data Capture
  • Biological Sample Collection Workflow
  • Contaminated Document Recovery
  • Interactive Litigation Exhibits
  • Medical Questionnaire Content Management Systems
  • Paper to Electronic Form Conversion for Mobile Data Collection
  • Planning Tracking
  • Remote Monitoring Data Capture & Analysis
  • 3D Surface Modeling
  • A High-Caliber Team Delivering Data-Driven Results

    Our diverse technology group forms the core of our data management capabilities. We deploy a well-mixed team of GIS analysts, software developers, and data managers on the majority of our client projects. These individuals are highly-skilled practitioners with experience using leading-edge software and techniques to provide rapid data intelligence that keeps stakeholders constantly informed.

    The EC culture across all services is derived from years of experience in emergency response. In IT, that means we are accountable at all times, extremely responsive & forward thinking, and always focused on delivering data-driven results.

    Building Feature-Rich Solutions Custom Tailored to Client Needs

    At EC we have deep expertise and honed skills in building solutions that requiring great complexity and provide the end user with a simple, positive experience. Our experience in business process management, resource planning, data visualization, and user experience allows us to provide clients with the best custom solutions in the industry.

    Our developers build custom web applications, sites, and dashboards for corporate and internet-focused projects. We deliver full-cycle SaaS solutions, from development to deployment. We are uniquely talented at developing solutions that don’t yet exist, which are designed to work seamlessly with your existing tools. Clients provide us their needs, we supply them with a custom solution tailored to address them.

    Using Aerial Imagery Tools to Better Inform Key Decisions

    Modern technology offers more options in emergency response and disaster relief than ever before. From speed to efficiency, the capabilities of aerial imagery are astounding. At EC, we’re utilizing aerial imagery technology and our expertise in data visualization to provide increased and informative situational awareness during both crises and planned events.


    In more cases than not, situations arise during emergency responses where it is too dangerous for people to traverse terrain to survey potential damage. Through aerial imagery via remote drones, we can rapidly collect and disseminate information among members of Incident Command. This aids overall transparency, as well as hazard identification, progress tracking, auditing, and site documentation.


    Physical access to a site can often be limited by many factors. Aerial imagery gives stakeholders the opportunity to be situationally aware without being in danger and using additional manpower.


    The visual and statistical advantages of using 3D modeling during emergency response are tremendous.

    Automated Solutions That Allow You to Focus on What Matters

    We provide a robust suite of automated solutions to efficiently track personnel, heavy machinery, equipment, and much more. We're committed to taking care of these mundane tasks efficiently so you can focus on more pressing tasks before, during, or after crises. The combination of a web application, mobile technology, badge printers, and barcode scanners enable EC to track thousands of resources rapidly. All of these automated processes are traditionally handled with paper and spreadsheets, meaning the efficiency added by our solutions makes a real immediate difference.


    Our team provides a comprehensive and customized personnel badging solution that allows you to register, print, and process hundreds of personnel per hour across multiple sites simultaneously. This includes rostering and credentialing.


    This EC solution allows you to monitor equipment through near real-time dashboards to determine whether you have enough equipment for your staff. The ability to break down usage by GPS location, department, individual, or contractor helps you adjust budgets and deploy assets accordingly. Some of these assets include:

    • Laptops, Smartphones, & Tablets
    • Hardware & Machinery
    • Fleet Vehicles
    • Medical Equipment
    • Storage Containers
    • Construction Tools


    EC Resource Tracking allows you to monitor daily reports to keep stakeholders informed of the common operating picture. Our unique visualization helps team members make critical business decisions around facts, rather than guesses.


    During a large event or project, It is imperative to know how much money you’re spending. Daily cost estimates, forecasting, and invoice auditing are essential to wrapping your head around your projects financials. Once rates have been established for your contractors, our asset tracking solution makes these deliverables automated by calculating daily or weekly rates of equipment and personnel against presence data collected by our system.