Expert Services

Expert Medical Consulting, From Research to Strategy

When litigation teams need support regarding medical record interpretation or need experts who can compellingly explain medical nuances, they turn to EC. Our legal nurse consultants are registered nurses with broad clinical backgrounds who specialize in supporting legal teams. They leverage cost-effective expertise to review case medical records, prepare detailed factual abstracts, and provide an understanding of the medical terminology & healthcare issues to bridge any knowledge gaps that may exist.

Additionally, our legal nurse consultants have years of experience handling toxic tort casework from chemical emergency responses, product liability, workers’ compensation, and FELA filings. They provide expert assistance in reviewing, summarizing, and analyzing medical records and other healthcare and/or legal documents pertaining to possible exposures.

Additional EC legal nurse consulting services include:

  • Case review for merit
  • Coordination of Independent Medical Evaluations
  • Expert deposition question preparation
  • Liaison between litigation teams, medical experts, and other parties
  • Medical research (scientific literature review & retrieval)
  • Medical record data management