Handling Maritime Challenges Both On and Offshore

Operating in the maritime industry can mean handling hazardous products in the most challenging conditions. Maritime organizations need a partner with their eye on the health and safety of their internal stakeholders, as well as the public at large. The EC maritime experts have tremendous experience handling both inland marine and maritime ocean challenges. We work with maritime industries providing crisis preparedness, security assessments and plans, emergency response, risk management and industrial hygiene services. What sets EC apart in this market is our cross-functional expertise, 24/7 readiness and speed, and superior equipment inventory.

Our experienced background empowers our scientists and crisis managers to handle any maritime worker exposure concern, accident, or natural disaster with the potential to impact human health and the environment. We have the tools necessary to successfully monitor employees for potential exposures while providing timely and objective consulting.

To help clients comply with United States Coast Guard standards, EC specializes in developing H2S and benzene monitoring programs to test and evaluate levels among crew members during the required monitoring season. Our personnel arrive on location based upon the captain’s schedule.