Emergency Preparedness Consulting

Is your organization facing an emergency? Are you in a potentially high-risk industry and need to plan? Or do you simply need expert advice? Whatever your immediate concern, the internationally recognized experts of Environmental Consultants are committed to safeguarding your workers, community, and the environment. Seasoned by numerous emergency responses every year, our highly responsive people employ hard science to give you the trustworthy intelligence you need to conquer your challenge and regain your peace of mind. Benefit from the Science of Ready℠

Plan and

Focus on the response, not the software. Plan and Command is our proprietary, innovative incident command software designed to provide organization with an intuition solution for training and full scale exercise.


Our blog offers tips, facts, feature and commentary on topics ranging from household cleaners and prescription drug safety to toxicology, risk assessment, industrial hygiene, workplace safety, noise pollution, chemical spill, the latest lifesaving technology and more.

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