Customized Safety Services to Help Protect Your Workforce

EC Certified Safety Professionals (CSPs) and staff work directly with organizations across all industries to manage safety liabilities, train your workforce, and reduce overall operating costs during emergency and scheduled projects. Our safety specialists, industrial hygienists, and environmental scientists help manage safety incident rates, conduct PPE assessments, implement behavioral safety, and other programs to support a safe working environment.

EC specializes in customizing services to meet a multitude of needs including:

Evaluating Environmental Data to Determine Potential Health Risks

It is critical to promptly and accurately assess the extent of exposure and risk associated with contamination following a chemical exposure. EC risk assessors evaluate the multiple exposure pathways that are possible at a site and the complex parameters necessary to evaluate any risk from ingestion of contaminated soil, water, or food, inhalation of vapor and particulates, and consideration of absorption of chemicals through skin contact.

Our team conducts risk assessments in accordance with various state, federal, and international risk assessment guidelines (USEPA RAGS, DTSC HERO, TCEQ TRRP, LDEQ RECAP, Health Canada). However, what sets EC apart from others is our ability to incorporate unique and innovative strategies to build on the existing risk assessment framework to serve you and your personnel in the most effective way possible. These strategies include:

  • Site-specific exposure assessments
  • Chemical-specific exposure assessments
  • Receptor-specific exposure assessments
  • Job-task-specific exposure assessments
  • Incorporation of bioaccessibility factors into exposure assessments
  • Evaluation of multiple chemicals and biological interactions at target organs
  • Toxicological assessments of chemicals without existing USEPA-derived toxicity factors
  • Derivation of risk-based screening levels for chemicals with no existing standards