Rapid Response and Expert Support Up, Mid, & Downstream

EC has a long history of responding to and solving complex situations often faced by the upstream, midstream and downstream clients within the petroleum industry. This experience includes responding to hazardous material releases, spills, and upset conditions. We provide the rapid mobilization of a team of incident managers, toxicologists, industrial hygienists, and medical staff to respond to these types of events quickly. Emergency response services include identification of involved petroleum, analysis of environmental fate, determination of safe levels in air, water, soil, or other media, education of local health providers regarding the involved substances, and general incident management.

We also provide facilities with industrial hygiene and environmental health and safety services such as supplemental support during turnarounds, evaluating new processes, compliance sampling, and re-assessing worker exposure.


It requires a unique and experienced understanding of the exploration and production activities that could pose human health risks and challenges. Our capabilities focus on air monitoring during drilling operations, assessing possible exposure to site workers, and capturing the data efficiently for client review - in both onshore oil wells and offshore drill rigs.


EC’s response to crude oil, natural gas, and natural gas liquids experience increased significantly as the market demand increased starting in 2014. Our team’s ability to get responders on the ground and running a command post, no matter how small or big the potential release, allows us to help our clients and the communities they serve feel safe and secure about their environment. We also have unique experience combining our transportation industry experience with our knowledge of crude oil transport by rail.


EC has the qualifications and experience to help our clients with the day-to-day exposure concerns related to large-scale refinery releases. EC can develop a Sampling Work Plan, execute the plan, guide the remediation, and confirm all affected properties, ensuring standards protective of human health and the environment are being met. Utilizing our unique data management capabilities, we can provide swift data results to clients, regulators and the community. We are also frequently retained on-site to monitor and troubleshoot day-to-day ambient air issues.