Crisis Management

Empowering Decisive Decision Making During Critical Moments

The Environmental Consultants team helps support client preparedness for all-threat/all-hazard events. EC has expanded our international consulting expertise to include incident management and resource tracking software which supplements our crisis preparedness and response capabilities. Our team facilitates resilience and recovery through planning and preparation. This is achieved by integration with public and private sector partners, allowing experts to deliver results with flexibility and speed. EC services assist in controlling long-term cost and help to facilitate the return to normalcy by allowing clients to focus on their core business efforts.

EC has experience in a wide range of responses, including, major offshore oil spills, transportation incidents with hazardous materials, well control events, human health and environmental events (e.g., Ebola, Avian Flu), and natural disasters for both the public and private sectors. We also have an extensive network of emergency responders to support the delivery of our preparedness, response, and recovery of all-threat/all-hazard services. We offer a valuable surge capability for your crisis management needs and in support of Incident Management Teams.

Providing Expert Personnel When They’re Needed Most

We leverage decades of experience to assist clients during crises with expert emergency response leadership. Our emergency responders have experience as incident commanders, planning chiefs, operations section chiefs, public information and liaison officers as well as technical roles within the safety and environmental units.
We understand clients expect our consultants to be able to augment within their Spill Management Team (SMT) and Incident Management Team (IMT). The experience mentioned above has led to the collective development of the EC Incident Management Assistance Team (IMAT), consisting of experts that can respond to fill a single role or within coordination with our Toxicology Emergency Response Program (TERP). In addition to these, we've developed Plan & Command, a cutting-edge cloud-based response management tool that allows teams to focus on the response instead of the software in use. Learn more about Plan & Command here.

EC ICS response management services can be used to

  • Mobilize to and Manage an all-threats/all-hazard event - 24/7/365
  • Develop working plans and lead response through IC system
  • Establish a common operating pictures
  • Produce ICS Forms
  • Improve agency coordination and stakeholder communication through our culture of transparency
  • Develop crisis communication and improve JIC operations

Adept Exercises that Evaluate & Prepare Organizations for Crisis

Drills and exercises are designed to evaluate an organization’s risk profile through a practiced review of response plans, procedures, and level of training with a goal of developing a highly impactful Spill Management Team (SMT) and Incident Management Team (IMT). Enhanced through the use of EC's incident software, the exercise objectives are designed to exceed annual regulatory and company requirements and can include:

  • Validating specific plan content and response actions
  • Evaluating command and control
  • Practicing individuals working as a team
  • Assessing use of company procedures and policies
  • Verifying data and information available to the team
  • Demonstrating understanding and implementation of ICS
  • Complying with NPREP and HSEEP

Proactive Plans that Provide Guidance While Protecting Lives

EC offers extensive experience generating and preparing risk management, risk analysis, and emergency and crisis management plans for clients of all kinds to help determine or clarify their risk ranking. For over 20 years, public and private organizations have turned to our team of experts to support preparedness in the face of crisis.
We have experience preparing Emergency Response Plans and Regulatory Response Plans for national governments and corporate entities. These include:

Regulatory Response Plans

  • National Oil Spill Contingency Plans
  • Oil Spill Response Plans
  • Oil Spill Contingency Plans
  • Spill Prevention, Control, Countermeasure Plans
  • Pipeline Spill Response Plans
  • Vessel Response Plans
  • NPREP/HSEEP Exercise Plans

Emergency Response Plans

  • Active Shooter Response Plans
  • Business Continuity Plans
  • Corporate-level Crisis Management Plans
  • Corporate-level Training Plans
  • Facility Response Plans
  • Marine Firefighting Plans
  • Personnel Training & Development Plans
  • Regional Response Plans
  • Security Plans
  • Site-Specific Plans

Onsite Resources & Expertise in the Most Crucial Moments

EC utilizes mobile command centers for use during emergency responses. Our mobile command centers were each custom designed to meet the dynamic project needs of an incident. Each features a conference room and ample work space to plug in laptop computers, calibrate & maintain instruments, and work on project specific tasks.
Flat panel monitors in each unit display current meteorological conditions, air dispersion modeling results, real-time air monitoring data, as well as satellite television. All of the mobile command centers are equipped with a satellite telephone, cell phone booster (for rural areas), internet service, and a webcam to provide streaming video as well still photos of the job site. These tools all work in tandem to provide as many resources as possible in locations where they would normally not be present. Our commitment to emergency preparedness includes planning for moments when off-site command centers just won't do.